XX Chromosomes No Barrier Today

I love capitalism. Good ideas are rewarded no matter who has them. Granted this is a generalization and there are plenty of examples of this not being completely true, and there are situations when it is completely untrue. But those are the exception, and definitely not the rule.

Take Meebo, the upstart web-based IM client that allows you to connect to just about all the IM networks through a website. I’ve used Meebo now for some time (it’s a web application that works on any web-connected computer, no matter the operating system or hardware) and I love it. One of the original idea people behind Meebo is a woman. She was interviewed recently by a columnist and was asked several rather pointed questions about her experiences starting a business and being female:

Throughout my relatively short career, I’m not aware of facing extra obstacles or challenges as a female. Regardless of whether you’re male or female, a start-up is an act of passion and requires a lot of elbow grease and adaptibility. In my periphery, I’ve heard the horror stories and seen the support groups. And if I stop to think about it, it’s true that most of the people I encounter everyday have XY chromosomes. However, for me, being female has always been something I’ve taken for granted. In terms of identity, I place more value on being from the Midwest, being a part of my family, or having a technical degree before I’d start thinking about being female.

This is concurrent with the gender-pay inequality lies which resurface frequently around the feminist edges. I am no ‘guys rule’ person, nor am I a feminist. I am a creation of God, and consider myself equal with all others because of that. I am no more nor less human than any other. I am no more nor less deserving of anything a human deserves.

More often than not, today, because of the courageous work of many brave men and women, we enjoy a level of equality of opportunity, which is a prime evidence of true liberty, that few before us have enjoyed. It is possible to be a victim, but usually victims are constrained by their own fevered and false imaginations and low hopes.

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