Today’s Interesting Stuff

Sarkozy wins, and in France, hope for a future springs again.

France has been struggling under socialist governance and mounting racial tension for some time now. Sarkozy won on a platform that, among other things, promised an end of the 35 hour work week. Sarkozys plan is to allow French workers to “work more in order to earn more.”

The problem with many socialist programs is that in their pursuit of the perfect paradise they relieve burdens which are actually beneficial. Work is a spiritual exercise. A worker accomplishes things and has valid reasons to be proud. We teach our children to have self-esteem and don’t require them to accomplish anything worth being proud of. Pride without reason is evil. It destroys the unwary and eats the unsuspecting.

Dry, Boring, And Worthwhile Reading

In the list of things to do when you have a few years to digest an incredible amount of information which has been pivotal to our current capitalist system, Adam Smiths Wealth Of Nations, stands as the primary tome of our economic system. Marx was arguing against Smith when he wrote Das Kapital. Smith was the original supply-sider and free-market economist.

Note, I haven’t read this yet either, but I want to.

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