The Intolerance Of Tolerance

The California Legislature is posed to pass SB 777 which will prevent public schools from using material or doing anything that will portray homosexuality in a negative light.

Opinions differ as to whether this move is necessary. California law already prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation in the same line as it prohibits discrimination based on religion, race, gender, etc.

Fox News recently hosted a short debate on the bill between the Capital Resource Institute and Equality California (view it HERE).

The debate was civil, if not a little one-sided, but pretty fair. After the debate, however, Ben Patrick Johnson, an Equality California board member, wrote e-mail to CRI staff saying “if you continue your efforts, we will BURY you.” Later, “we have every intention of yours [group] going down, as have others who oppose decency and human rights.”

In a video podcast he accused the organization of supporting the abuse and degradation of homosexuals. He then displayed pictures of homosexual boys being beaten in Jamaica and concluded by saying that it “disgusts” him that “the people behind CRI are so stuck in their fear and bigotry” that they would allow homosexual youth to be assaulted in such a manner.

These are sad words coming from an organization that stands for equality. “We will BURY you” and “we have every intention of your group going down” does not sound like equality to me. It sounds like repression of other ideas and particularly people.

The essence of civil debate is respect, mutual respect. The debate on Fox News was MC’d by mutual respect.

In contrast, Ben Patrick Johnson’s email and podcast contained some sadness, but brimmed with contempt and intolerance. A revealing testimony to their concept of free speech.

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