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Today we begin with a reminder to remember our mothers. Especially us sons. After reading this short piece I saw the first (and only at the time) comment: “Cheesy.” It is sad that gentle and creative reminders to remember the relationships in our lives are so often immediately written off as “cheesy” and dismissed as more chain-letter fodder.

It is not cheesy to remember and honor your mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friends, God, pastor, neighbor, leader, follower, window washer, janitor, laborer, or even your coworker. Cheesy is only the word behind which we hide, ashamed at our callousness and insularity.

 Some Site Stuff: Slow Servers and Such

I am becoming quite dissatisfied with the service at my current host. Three years ago I signed up for three years of free hosting at 1and1. The speed was good, the price was right, the features and abilities, excellent. Now three years are up and I’ve begun paying for the service, the price is still excellent, about $4 per month. The features are still excellent, 1and1 runs the latest web apps and keeps the running and updated. I also have shell access to my account so I can custom configure my server space to an extent or just run transfers and backups from the server itself. The reliability is excellent. In three years I’ve experienced one planned outage (very short duration for a planed migration/upgrade) and one unplanned that was quickly resolved. But the speed.

It takes ten seconds for this blog to load, and that is unacceptable. Apparently this is a combination of connection speed, over used servers, and their method of parsing certain scripts, which are the basis of the WordPress blogging engine, and the database servers, which for security’ sake are physically separate and have extra limits on their use. All this adds up to problems.

I am currently looking at alternative web hosts which will offer good services and especially good speed at a reasonable price. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the one I’m looking for in The databases are more usable (there are more of them too, I’m running three separate site setups on a single database right now), the price is reasonable (about $7 per month), the features are good, and the reputation is right. If you know of a good reliable hosting service that is inexpensive and runs WordPress well, let me know. I plan on beginning the migration shortly.

I don’t anticipate any delays or service interruptions except a slight period of discrepancy when I switch the domains to the new controller. During this time some readers may be connecting to DNS servers which  are still pointing to the old site, the site is not down and will continue to be available through July. But if you check and there are no posts, there can be up to three days delay between the DNS changes being initialized and all the DNS servers around the world receiving the updated information.

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