When “Freedom” Is Not Really Freedom

The AFL-CIO mentioned a new study on its blog yesterday:

Employee Free Choice Would Mean Millions More Get Health Insurance – If the Employee Free Choice Act becomes law, 3.5 million more people could receive health insurance and 2.7 million more could gain pension benefits, according to a report released yesterday by the Campaign for America’s Future.

Could it be true that this substantial number of workers will get what the AFL-CIO calls “relief”? How would it happen? Only if 3.5 million people began to pay the union dues, of which, the AFL-CIO gets a cut… and the AFL-CIO becomes free of financial limits to engaging in even more political activity.

In the new “freed” state in which workers gain health insurance and pension benefits, they will also be forced to pay dues (dues that are sometimes more than workers earn, and pay for union “benefits” (A UFCW local mandates a $5 monthly fee for a life insurance policy that pays out $2,500).

While union negotiated health benefits are good, who wants to be part of pension systems similar to those provided by airline companies (that had to be assumed by the federal government) or the Big Three automakers (who are not buying out their employees and facing bankruptcy) or even most government pensions (which are chronically overburdened and under funded like New Jersey’s).

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