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I’m browsing Bongo which I’ve Stumble(d)upon and find a pithy review of Algores Enviro-fest faux-film, An Inconvenient Truth:

An Inconvenient Truth An exaggerated slide show with the inconvenient truth that Gore is a bore. ~Jack Palethorpe

… and a narcissistic self-loathing (yes I know those are mutually exclusive terms, but he is both self-loving (his own person) and self-loathing (his humanity) at the same time) overweight… well I’ll just keep the rest of the words I was thinking to myself, I’m sure you have plenty that fit just fine.

In case you can’t tell, I’m very angry at the evil Algore is fomenting. Evil, you ask? Yes, his lies, made from a position of carefully studied and purposeful ignorance, cause the creation of policies which cause harm to people without moral justification or even positive outcome. Businesses must spend money enacting meaningless or harmful processes which cost them money with no benefit or return which then forces them to spend less on expanding or improving their own core competencies, creating new jobs or paying workers more. Governments take more money from an already over-taxed populace to use for creating and enforcing restrictive policies which subvert the rights and usurp the responsibilities of the individual.

Because of environmental zombies and their accompanying hard-won policies, DDT is not used in Africa, where it would all but eradicate Malaria, one of the worst killers in that beautiful continent filled with so much trouble. Science says DDT kills? No, a novel, yes, that’s right, a NOVEL spinning a heart rending story of a dream of a silent spring twisted the brainless spineless pointless morons which populate so many government positions and a policy is born. And innocents die.

I’m Not Sorry is a wonderful site. The problem is, apparently more hateful ignorant people have time to vote at its anti-site. Go, post. It takes like ten seconds. If you already have something to say.

And Two Lists To Top It Off

50 Things Men Wish Women Knew

50 Things Women Wish Men Knew

These are good. Very good. I think. (see below)


The lists are mostly good. They do focus a bit on married couples and the benefits and issues contained in such a relationship. Just so you’re forewarned. I hadn’t read the entire lists before I posted. They’re still worth reading though.

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