Hot Air Causes Global Warming

Caring doesn’t mean anything unless there are actions and changes that show we really do care. Take many of the popular causes and movements today, celebrities find it easy publicity to adopt a cause and become an instant expert/spokesperson. They care, we say, and all is well. But take the recent flap over ‘one-square-of-toilet-paper’ Crow and the accommodations she requires for herself and her crew on tour. Sure she cares, but when you’re riding in style in 4 buses and 3 tractor-trailers from one gig to another, it isn’t obvious. As humans most of us have only 5 senses, and we can only sense physical occurrences. If someone says they care, we only know it by hearing them say it. We cannot judge their actual heart. As a human they are aware of that limitation as well. Words are truly empty in most cases and situations. There is precious little that anyone can say that I can believe at face value. Actions, however, do indeed speak louder than words. You act and I have little trouble believing you. Actions can be felt, seen, and heard, and sometimes even smelt.

Sheryl ‘one-square’ Crow does not care, says me. Why do I know this? Out of her entire entourage there is only one bio-diesel bus. That is her only action, compared with the veritable crowd of hangers-on and train of baggage. And what is bio-diesel? It doesn’t pollute less, it’s just made from green things. Imagine that.

Now a science lesson: Where did all the oil and coal that is so plentiful in this earth come from? Ahhh, it came from organic matter, decayed plants and animal corpses, green stuff, right? And it doesn’t take any work from us to create it, only to get it. Bio-diesel doesn’t require any extra work from us to get, but it takes energy to make it. I’m not familiar with any study of the differences between energy required to retrieve and refine naturally made oil and the energy required to make bio-diesel, but I’d be willing to bet they’re not that different (that wasn’t part of the lesson, that was opinion, but I believe it was justified).

Similar to the issues of these hybrid cars. Did you know the amount of energy involved in making a hybrid is so high, it is easier on the environment if you drive a bloated, overgrown, ugly H3 because from inception to several years of driving, the H3 uses less energy. I know much of this disparity will fade and disappear as more people use the hybrid cars, as improvements are made in the manufacture of the hybrids. The more of any one device you make, the cheaper it is overall to make each device.

But coming back to the heart of this issue. Global warming may indeed be occurring, the but the evidence does NOT support claims that man is any more than extremely slightly responsible for any of that warming. As I’ve written here before, sun spots contribute a substantial amount of the energy and warming that occurs on earth. The same people who today are crying about the end of the world, only 30 years ago were crying that we were all going to freeze to death in a new Ice Age. There is no memory, and less truth to these people. Want to know how I know that? Their actions are screaming at me, I can’t hear their words.

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