Hayward Teachers Union Targets “Scabs”: Posts Their Pictures On Blog

The Hayward teachers union has been on strike for over a week . Approximately 180 substitutes are filling in for 1,300 teachers who are on strike. But these public servants are being labeled scabs and singled out for harassment.

A local newspaper reported that the teachers union has posted photos of “scabs” on a blog for public viewing. The union says it is not resorting to physical aggression, but this “hall of shame” serves no purpose but to publicly harass and ridicule dedicated teachers.

While teachers have a qualified and controversial right to demand higher wages and even strike, they do not have the right to ridicule and shame other law-abiding teachers into compliance with union anarchy.

As the article concludes, “It’s one thing to take advantage of free speech to get out the message that they want higher wages. It’s another to throw sand on the playground.”

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