The Culture Cries, Common Sense Dies

A Professor of Financial Accounting at Emmanuel College in Boston was fired after acting out a brief skit in which he pretended to be the murderous young man at Virginia Tech, and then had one of his students pretend to have a firearm of their own, shooting him and ending his rampage.

(Professor Nicholas) Winset said he gave students a disclaimer before he started his Virginia Tech re-enactment, which involved him pointing a Magic Marker at students and saying, “Pow.” He then had another student shoot him with an imaginary gun to make the point that Cho could have been stopped by another student with a firearm.

Professor Winset was notified in a single page letter delivered by courier:

“You are hereby directed not to enter the College campus or any College owned property at any time for any reason,” the letter states. “Also enclosed . . .is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts form, How to File for Unemployment Insurance Benefits.”

He has since spoken out on YouTube regarding his dismissal.

Quotes above are from the article “Professor axed for VT stunt: Re-enacted tragedy to tout pro-gun perspective” published in the Boston Herald.

Also in the Rational Review.

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