Government Dependence Up Nearly 200 Percent

How many of my neighbors are dependent on the government? A recent editorial in the Investors Business Daily (Also on NewsMax) said 52.6 percent. Amazing!

This number includes dependents of direct recipients, receive significant income from government programs. The editorial went on: “Seven years ago, that number was 49.4 percent. But it’s the data from 1950, when a mere 28.3 percent of Americans relied on Washington, that really shows how needy we’ve become.”

The 52.6 percent breaks down like this:

  • About 20 percent of Americans rely on income from federal jobs or jobs that are connected to the government.
  • Another 20 percent have a government pension or receive Social Security.
  • 19 million take food stamps.
  • 2 million live in subsidized housing.
  • 5 million accept education grants.
  • It takes the remaining 47.4 percent of the population one-third of their year (more than 120 days) to meet the demands of the majority.

    I’ll post later on efficiency of our universal wealth-distribution system (Hint: would fail it and Milton Friedman said that the government usually spends $3 to do a $1 job.).

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