Idiocy To The Point Of Hilarity

I’m having second thoughts on posting this link.  Reading more of the fevered absurdities which comprise this deluded mans attempts at what he calls ‘logic’ I’m driven nearly to the point of pain. The link is still good if only to serve as an example of the depths of depravity we can get to. This authors insane ramblings would likely be laughed off by even the most jaded of atheists, but each of us has our own rationalizations. The heart truly is deceptive and wicked, who indeed can know it?

Idiocy. Stupidity. Lies. False. Evil.

Ah, I’ve got it: human.

It never ceases to amaze me the depths to which people will delve in convoluted mental gymnastics to negate their need for God. This website is moronic to the point of humor. “Amen” stands for “Amenophis the IV” who apparently was a female Pharaoh. Which proves, through a careful reading of the phrase “the Amen faithful and true” in Revelation, that Jesus was really a female Pharaoh. And, get this, Moses is the same person. Apparently stories were recycled freely in making the Bible. The author defines Christianity as “any belief in a sorting of the dead.” By which definition he says both Muslims and Christians are “Christians.” Well, he didn’t invent the term Christian, the people of Antioch before 100AD (if you believe the Bible, if not, then some writer sometime before 200AD) invented the term Christian, which literally means “Christ person.” Therefore, to include his Egyptian Hypothesis with the truth of the term ‘Christianity’, Christians are people who follow the teachings of a female Pharaoh who proclaimed herself the “Son of God”.

Oh the depths the human mind will dredge when the man decides that God is not, and that he Is.

This is real comedy. Read it just for laughs. It’s so idiotic as to be absolutely hilarious.

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  1. I found this site because (presumably) it’s author commented on a few of the posts on the “On Faith” page posted in a previous post. In reading more of the On Faith posts regarding various religions response to tragedies, I was struck by the kind of conversation that I seemed to find on every post except the post by the muslim lady. The threads consisted mostly of people with hare-brained hypothesis’ on par with hoax-buster arguing with people who for odd or religious (Christian usually) reasons actually believed in God. The Muslim lady had a few comments stating how comforted they were by the words she’d said.

    Truly the enemy tends to be behind the noise, I believe.

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