The Problem Of Pain

How do we respond to the human tragedy that occurred in Virginia? Why do bad things happen to normal people? None of us are good and all of us deserve eternal punishment from a Just and Holy God. But why do some people who have done no worse and possibly considerably better than many have to face death in such a tragic and fearsome manner? Why does God allow pain?

Whether it is the pain of an entire nation groaning under the weight of a despotic government bent on destroying its own foundation, killing thousands, millions of innocents. Or one lone crazy evil person bent on destroying as much life as he can before he kills himself. The question is asked: Why does God allow pain?

Their answers come from perspectives across the ideological spectrum: Protestant, Atheist, Episcopal, etc… And they’re all trying to answer the question of pain. Read their responses. Some of the brightest minds of each worldview, you’re sure to find it interesting, enlightening, encouraging, and hopefully, comforting.

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