Words Mean Things

I found this article interesting. Joking about homosexuality can be humorous. Pretending that a friend is a homosexual is funny. But is it even a joking matter? I know, I know, we’re just talking about the mannerisms, the external forms: the lisp, the butt-wiggle, the limp wrist, the exaggerated faux-femininity. A friend and workmate at a previous job, who was a homosexual, told me once that the exaggerated faux-femininity was an act and that he didn’t find it in the least appealing. He was a normal-enough looking young man who unless you spent some time with you would not point out as being a homosexual.

I don’t think it’s wrong to joke about it. I’m usually the butt of those jokes. My California sunshine disposition surrounded by all my dour Chicagoan buddies (just kidding, kinda) earned me my favorite nickname “Sparkie”, as well as comments like “if I didn’t know you better…” and “if I’d just met you…”. But I’m very hetero, I love the whole other 50%+ of the human race very, very much, and want to spend my entire life with one of them. I think that one must be careful though what one jokes about, and with whom one jokes. We do not know if the person is wondering and that even a jocular repartee could cause them to see more justification for what is not true.

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