I Support The Bloggers Code Of Conduct

I support the ‘Bloggers Code of Conduct‘ mentioned in an earlier article here on I, Pandora. I believe that comment moderation is a careful balancing act of tact and civility versus open expression and free ideas. As any regular reader will know, I support freedom within framework, pure unrestrained freedom is anarchy, not liberty.

Here on I, Pandora I’ve made mistakes in my moderation of comments. I’ve never deleted an honest comment, but I have spoken against two of my early regulars who had ideas that differed with my own with a tenor that did not encourage them to continue participating. I have deleted, with the help of the Akismet spam plug-in, 377 and counting spam comments. I’ve never dealt with a genuinely inflammatory comment that deserved deletion for any reason.

If you were in a conversation with people regarding a mutually interesting subject, and some sub-par IQed fellow who happened to be interested in the same topic came in and began yelling obscenities at all those who disagreed with him, using short words only idiots use and argumental constructions such as ad-hominem attacks and the like, the over all conversation would be diminished and the expressive freedom of those engaging in the debate civilly would be taken away. Intellectual freedom is not hindered in the least by well-appointed rules regarding the behavior of those involved. There are always many ways to say anything, some of them are the wrong ways, and some of them are right ways. There are only very few things which are just wrong to say ever and in any way. Saying things in the wrong way at best prevents complete communication, and at worst damages people and ideas that do not deserve damaging.

If the Bloggers Code of Conduct project turns out a reasonable set of rules and regulations, I will sign on. I as the owner and operator of I, Pandora am responsible for the overall identity and atmosphere of the blog. I will use any tool at my disposal to ensure that this continues to be a place you the reader can find interesting news, commentary, original opinion, ideas and compositions without dealing with trolls or pigs of any shape or kind.

I support the Bloggers Code of Conduct. There is nothing to excuse the total and complete lack of civility that characterizes the state of conversation today, in the world and in cyberspace.

2 thoughts on “I Support The Bloggers Code Of Conduct”

  1. What’s the point of a bloggers code of conduct? the decent people who would sign it are already decent. those that are crummy, wouldn’t sign it and would ignore it. How does it change a single thing? I think it’s pointless.

  2. For me as the owner/maintainer of this blog, my responsibility under the Bloggers Code of Conduct is to moderate my comments removing those that offensive beyond a certain line. Not to squelch dissent or limit discussion, but to better the chances of there being a reasonable, purposeful discussion that all parties may benefit from. Have you read the backstory and various rationale for the Code of Conduct? I encourage you to follow the links in Tims article, particularly the links to Katies blog and the comments that were left for her there. Call it an isolated incident, but what was once just found on forums and bulletin boards, with trolls and people with less than civil tongues or ideas, is now becoming more commonplace on the blogosphere.

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