Test Delay Called “Racist”

The Washington state legislature has decided to delay the math portion of the Washington state’s graduation test, fearing that not enough high school students would graduate, prompting voters to clean house. Predictably, the Seattle Education Association disproves of the Legislatures decision, but for an unpredictable reason; racism.

David Postman wrote about about a letter from union leaders to Seattle lawmakers sent April 6.

“Seattle union leaders say the consensus to delay math tests as graduation requirements, but not do the same for reading and writing, is a sign of racism.” The union wrote: “This is a story of Institutional Racism and Institutional Classism.”

The letter goes on:

Between 40 and 45% of children of poverty, many of whom in Seattle are children of color, are not passing the reading and writing sections of the WASL. These sections will not be set aside; these children will be denied a diploma.

There is no concerted funding initiative to support the needs of the students not meeting reading and writing standards. There is currently no active bill to set aside using the reading and writing WASL as the graduation requirement for the 40% of the Students of Poverty and Students of Color who are not meeting the standard.

This pure and simply is the definition of Institutional Racism and Institutional Privilege. SEA and SPS are working to eliminate the horror of Institutional Racism and Privilege wherever we find it.

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  1. I would have thought the SEA would have welcomed the delay, after all the teachers can be easily seen as causing or at least abetting the lowered learning levels of the children who may have trouble passing these tests.

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