Mr. Nifong Is A Bad Man

There was never any credible evidence supporting the charges leveled against the Duke lacrosse team. The only impetus behind the salacious claims were Mr. Nifong’s personal ambition, and an incredulous media averse to doing its own fact checking.

The victims of the crime committed here are the men of the lacrosse team who’ve had their reputations besmirched in a slanderous and libelous attack which persisted much longer and much more publicly than it ever should have, even if the charges had any merit, ever.

The perpetrator of the crime is Mr. Nifong. He allowed personal ambition to cloud the facts and his own judgment, therefore he must pay a penalty. He recognized the stupidity of his own actions only after intense pressure was brought to bear against him and as he was confronted by an overwhelming amount of evidence against his predetermined position. He, publicly and maliciously slandered the names of promising young men, forever damaging them, ruining their futures, permanently. Even now, after this ridiculous case has been dropped, it is unlikely that these men will ever outrun the lies on their social records.

Duke University, by refusing to perform an investigation or wait for the facts to come in before acting, rashly booted several of the men from the school, further damaging them. Duke owes these men apologies and much, much more.

Heads need to be rolling over this. I salute Mr. Cooper, the Attorney General of North Carolina, who when the case was turned over to him, checked the facts and acted swiftly and correctly in dropping all charges.

Mr. Nifong is an evil person, willing to destroy others lives to further his own power hungry appetite.

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