Belief In Reincarnation Tied To Memory Problems

So I’m reading this article and it’s kinda cool, I always knew people who believe in reincarnation had mental issues. It’s always nice having an “I knew it!” moment. But then I got to the end of the article, and hmmmm, I think they need to rework that research.

I’m the creative guy, and I’m always very sure of my memories. To the extent, and some specific readers know this first hand, that I have arguments relatively regularly with certain people regarding memories we’ve had together growing up. I know my memories are right, and he’s all screwed up in his head. But he claims he’s the one that crept upstairs when we were staying the week at some friends house and photographed them sleeping, while I know I’m the one who did it, having to first creep through the minefield we’d set up in our room that evening to prevent them from photographing us asleep. But my memories will have been relegated to mere figments at the best, aspersions at their worst. It is important to me that my memories be true. Those with whom I’ve had altercations on the subject of conflicting memories know that when they present incontrovertible evidence that my memories are incorrect, I revise my own memories to match the truth. If I don’t not remember the truth, how will I recognize it when I see it?

I still know I’m right. My memories are none but my own. They do take their value from the interaction and relationships they encapsulate or help to define to me, but they are mine. But if they are incorrect there is no value in them to me, a false memory is worse than an imagination because while an imagination is known to be false, a false memory casts itself as true.

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