Unpublished Federal Study: Ethanol-blend Fuel No Better Than Gasoline

With the rise in fuel prices and the hype surrounding global warming, consumers are looking for cheaper and more efficient alternatives. One of the proposed alternatives is ethanol. The U.S. government supports the idea as well as the Canadian government, which has authorized $2 billion in incentives for ethanol.

An unpublished study by the Canadian government, however, raises questions about most of the positive aspects of ethanol.

“’Looking at tailpipe emissions, from a greenhouse gas perspective, there really isn’t much difference between ethanol and gasoline,’ said Greg Rideout, head of Environment Canada’s toxic emissions research.”

“The study found no statistical difference between the greenhouse gas emissions of regular unleaded fuel and 10 per cent ethanol blended fuel.”

Further, while ethanol is cheaper than gasoline, it is not as efficient, therefore, decreasing gas mileage and increasing overall pump expenditures.

So what is driving the drive toward ethanol? Lobbyists for the farming industry, alternative fuel industries, and environmentalists.

So why ethanol? Maybe because it is derived from a renewable resource. You tell me.

Read the article here: Ethanol-blend auto emissions no greener than gasoline: study

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