Death Of The PowerPoint Presentation?

A friend sent this article to me this morning, challenging the god Microsoft with the title, “Research points the finger at PowerPoint.” The article goes on, “If you have ever wondered why your eyes start glazing over as you read those dot points on the screen, as the same words are being spoken, take heart in knowing there is a scientific explanation.”

The root finding of the study is this: “It is more difficult to process information if it is coming at you in the written and spoken form at the same time.” The mind simply goes autopilot and forgets everything you just heard/saw.

The solution? “It is effective to speak to a diagram, because it presents information in a different form.”

The moral of the story: Salespeople and lecturers; don’t use PowerPoint as your personal teleprompt.

One thought on “Death Of The PowerPoint Presentation?”

  1. I use “Powerpoint” as a euphemism for “BS”.
    I sat through a two hour presentation Tuesday. His slides were about 50/50 graphic and text. The text was the part where I lost him due to him practically reading it. He was an IBM guy, so it wasn’t his fault.

    I read somewhere that a good rule to stick to is 10/20/30. That is 10 slides. 20 minutes. 30pt fonts. 30pt fonts forces you to hit main points and not project entire paragraphs. Even then I like more graphics than text rule. here’s the link:

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