5th Graders Have Sex In Class

Walking back to my room I passed a TV playing the local news. “5th Graders Have Sex In Class” the subhead shouted and the infobabe and an earnest reporter were discussing why it was that 5th Graders Have Sex In Class. Ummm…

Ok, here’s my initial beef: They’re paid a lot and given this massively important medium to communicate to us the news. They’re paid to know everything that’s going on and to find out everything else. How long have we been teaching 5th graders how to have sex? And they just now have found out that 5th Graders Have Sex In Class? What part of ‘head in the sand’ are they trying to apply most completely? They surmised the why and I don’t recall the why they decided upon but I know that when we teach the children that feeling good is the best thing for them, and that feeling good about themselves is even better, and that there are no morals, and that we cannot teach them any morals because it may harm their delicate little psyches, and… well you get the point. There is no reason for 5th Graders To Not Have Sex In Class.

Keep your relativist morals and situational ethics to yourself please, your 5th Graders Have Sex In Class.

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