Ford Stays Wet

I saw this investigative report yesterday and was highly amused. Detroit’s News 4 followed a number of Ford employees on their “lunch breaks” and found that they spent 2.5 to 4 hours of their work day at local bars. I don’t know how they got away with it on such a regular basis, but the combination of an entitlement mentality and an overzealous union insulating members from accountability made it possible.

It would be interesting to talk to these workers and learn what motivated them to leave their job and go to the bar. Was it more exciting at the bar? The video shows, all they did was sit and drink. It looked pretty boring, but it must have been more exciting than working. Bored workers produce poor products. Think of that next time to step into your Ford.

No wonder Ford is in the midst of a tailspin. The United Auto Workers (UAW) forces it to pay workers who don’t have a job and pension and healthcare costs comprise more than $1,200 of the sale price of each vehicle.

Any employer would fire these workers immediately, but, with the help of their union, I’ll guarantee they are still on the job.

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