What’s So Hard About This?

What is so difficult about understanding the intentions of Iran? The London Free Press, in an article on the Prime Ministers statements regarding the act of war committed by Iran by seizing 15 British soldiers who were in Iraqi waters, makes some statements which are telling in their implication.

Tough talk in the last century involved phrases of specific and undeniable purpose and intent:


Tear down this wall


We will bury you


It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it

Consider then the tough words uttered by Mr. Blair, an undeniably able communicator on the purpose and intent of this war:

I hope we manage to get them (the Iranian government) to realize they have to release them. If not, then this will move into a different phase.

The paper does report that Mr. Blair stated he was willing to, if necessary, use means other than diplomacy to achieve the release of Great Britain’s service men and women. The reporter then, apparently all a-tizzy over the chance that the UK may be opening new fronts against arrogant dangerous and insane tyrants, finds a Blair spokesperson who ‘clarified’, patting the anxious reporter on the head and saying: “there, there, it’s alright, Mr. Blair doesn’t mean we’ll try military solutions or kick the Iranian diplomats out of London, don’t worry your little head about it.”

Ah, the courageous media in action.

What this war needs is a lot more tough talk and tough actions backing up that talk. Where are the Churchills or Thatchers, Reagans and Lees, brave men and women who see what must be done and do it, damning the consequences. Admiral Farragut in the civil war when faced with a particularly dangerous stretch of the Mississippi river that had been mined by the Confederate defenders famously said

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead

2 thoughts on “What’s So Hard About This?”

  1. The UK has no balls, just like all of Europe. In all honesty they get more pissed off when one curses their soccer team. :S! Iran could execute all of the soldiers and dangle them from a bridge and the UK wouldn’t do a damn thing but go to the UN and ask for permission to do something. The UN would say, Iran didn’t mean to or they were misinformed and war over this would be basically silly.

    Obviously to you and I there’s no question about it. If it were me and I would first get in contact with Iran and if they continued to resist communications and or not release me men, I’d bomb a military/government buliding every day. To kidnap innocent people is an ACT OF WAR. Iran must be on some good crack because Saddam did the same stuff to us and we took him out. And doesn’t Iran realize they are in between Iraq and Afganistan; um, we took them out! Seems like history is repeating itself to me. The UN is going to get a whole slew of sanctions now and Iran will do nothing. The US will get bombed again and we’ll go to war with them to. Its just a matter of time.

    We must not appease these pathetic hate-mongerers. But let the UK sweat; I hope the US stays out of the deal.

    Hey Matt, this is a good site. http://conservative-thoughts.blog-city.com/

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  2. I’m working on that bug. I’ve got a post off to the theme creator with the problems, which are IE specific by the way. FF works right. But I’m playing with the CSS a bit to see if I can find the problem.

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