She Was A Human

I am sickened by my cultures morbid fascination with celebrity, fame and the famous. There are people who appear on TV and are hailed as ‘famous’ for having more myspace buddies than anyone else (Tia Tequila, by all accounts a nymphomaniac who found a site to post semi-pornographic pictures about herself and who fancies herself quite the musician), or for being young and beautiful and marrying an ugly old man who has untold millions (Anna Nicole Smith). But something I tend to forget is that these people are human beneath it all. It makes the tragedy of their moral, spiritual, and physical demise all the sadder.

The Chicago Tribune has published an editorial about Ms. Smith which emphasizes her humanity and the results of choices she made throughout her brief life. The story does not address the fact that she was seeking meaning apart from God, but we can add that ourselves:

It is easy to forget when looking at images of Anna Nicole Smith that, in addition to being a pumped up, grotesque character striving for a weird beauty unburdened by thought, she was a human being.

One thought on “She Was A Human”

  1. A.N. Smith was human… Enough said about that. What pisses me off is the media who worships at these depraved people’s feet. The media is a whore, as they’re willing sell themselves for any “story”. In Iraq there are daily heros and heroic actions but I NEVER hear of those, not one good story. Surely many good fathers and mothers, etc pass away daily but the media worships a depraved sick woman, or a mentally sick man who cuts his smeckle off to be a “woman” and feel better about itself. In the large ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NY Time, LA Times, SF Chronicle, etc are just whores and endeavor to make a buck and push their agenda of “American diversity”.

    In their warped mind everything under the sun is relative and thus equal. So a man & woman is the same as a man & man. Or a transgender person is the same a person who chooses to accept how they were made. All paths don’t lead to the truth and morality isn’t relative. Its not that complicated to understand. You can’t just put anything you feel like into your body for food without consequences. Go ahead and put rocks and dirt into your mouth for food see how you’ll fair. The same thing goes for what goes into your eyes, hears, mind and heart.

    So the Old Media will continue to push their agenda of perverse diversity; its post-modernism in full bloom.

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