Braying Fools: Chuck Hagel

Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican from Nebraska has lent his voice to the chorus of braying fools. Suggesting that President Bush could be facing impeachment hearings regarding his continuation of the War in Iraq.

Message to Mr. Hagel: President Bush doesn’t listen to opinion polls or focus groups generally. Unlike former President Clinton, the only poll which has matted to him are the two polls that elected him in 2000 and 2004. We elect leaders to lead, not second guess and waffle. A man with a plan is a true man. You are a whining, sniveling, craven and cowardly braying fool, Mr. Hagel. You are not a man. You Mr. Hagel are not presidential material now, nor will you likely ever be. And you are a shame to those in Nebraska who elected you.

3 thoughts on “Braying Fools: Chuck Hagel”

  1. I believe that this opinion is just to get the public used to the idea that we ought to impeach our president. Not that we will, by the time that process completes he’ll be out of office anyways. I think what he’s trying to communicate is that our president is worthy of impeachment, and to treat anything on his agenda as such. Speaking of the Clinton Administration, they had more controversies and conspiracies than Nixon. The best they can get out of the Bush Administration is the Plame Affair…please. Those are the words of someone who has already lost, and they know it. You said it well…”cowardly braying fool”

  2. It’s just very sad that the members of his own party find it necessary, for whatever convoluted reason, to stab him in the back and tear him down with as much ferocity as those in the opposing party. Aren’t there other issues that are just as important if not more so that Messrs Braying Fool could be busying themselves.

  3. HA! Its about what is politically expedient. If anyone believes they can make a buck and or vote off of something or someone, they will!

    I’m hardly surprised by anyone now who comes out with these moronic statments. I think Congress really shows how fickle the people are. Of course there better issues that the lame Congress could be taking care of, LIKE the border issues; especially here in California. They’re all politicians and hardly ideologes.

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