Can’t Get Away

It’s been interesting observing the responses I’ve had to my listening to conservative talk radio (Limbaugh, Medved, Ingram, Prager, etc) in my office at my current job. One guy keeps telling me to put on rap music. Rap music is NOT an option. The project manager, when he’s in the office, laughs sardonically and tells me how mad it makes him when he hears of the absurdities of our increasingly socialized nation. I realize he’d not be able to get involved very well in social change. His anger is quick and over soon and so would his drive for change. I realize how I’m geared for activity in social change, my ability to laugh off many things, my long involvement in cultural change, etc. At times I’ve wished I could get away from the need to fight constantly. Part of the reason I felt like I needed to leave California was because of the constant fight to keep any semblance of correct social order. But I know that I am who I am for a reason. God gives me purpose, like all others. Part of my purpose is to fight. And there are definitely issues here in my new home in Illinois.

It is odd how quiet legislators become when they are working on issues such as Homosexual ‘rights’. Kinda like small children: when they’re making noise, you know they’re all right, but once things get quiet, you go looking for them to see what trouble they’re causing. I can’t get away from the issues, but perhaps that is a good thing. There are some things worth fighting for, and the battle is not over when I decide it’s over. Somewhat like the war in Iraq, just because liberals and turncoats of any stripe decide arbitrarily that it is time to leave.

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