Top Ten Reasons To Be A Statistician

I read this list off of my Statistics Professors’ T-shirt. It has been a long time since that class but I kept this list with me ever since. Though I must say, my copy of the list is elsewhere at the moment (at the bottom of one of my packing boxes likely), and I found the same T-shirt at this site:

  1. Deviation is considered normal
  2. You feel complete and sufficient
  3. You always wanted to learn the entire Greek alphabet anyway
  4. You can legally comment on someone’s posterior distribution
  5. You may not be normal but you are transformable
  6. You never have to say you are certain
  7. You are honestly significantly different
  8. You never have to be right-only close
  9. Estimating parameters is easier than dealing with real life
  10. Statisticians are normal, everyone else is skewed

I’ve found other good reasons to be a statistician, like:

  • You are a ‘mean’ lover
  • You do it discretely and continuously
  • You are right 95% of the time
  • No one wants your job

Do you have any other good reasons to be a statistician? I’m not one, but I think statisticians are cool. Caveat: I don’t want to marry one. You think it’s hard enough having a normal girl tell you home many times you’ve screwed something up, imaging if she started bringing out curves and graphs illustrating the normal distributions of your screw ups… no thanks!

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