Braying Fools

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, and Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon, all Republicans, are the latest to join the ranks of the Braying Fools.

Cornyn was quoted in the Houston Chronicle March 19th saying: “I’ve told the attorney general that I think this has been mishandled, that by giving inaccurate information … at the outset, it’s caused a real firestorm, and he better get the facts out fast.”

In response to a comment regarding having Harriet Miers (yes, THAT Harriet Miers) and Karl Rove testify under oath, Specter said: “I want to see exactly what the White House response is. Maybe the White House will come back and say, ‘We’ll permit them to be interviewed and we’ll give them all the records.'”

In all fairness, there are only a few Republicans calling for ‘accountability’ from the administration regarding this issue. While the vast majority of Democrat lawmakers and liberal pundits keep their illegal-immigrant-powered cleaning services busy mopping up their drool while they continue to make these falacious and immoral claims, attempting to stir up controversy because they are completely unable to come up with new and helpful ideas of their own on any issue. Maybe I’ll start a regular column about ideologically stupid people who populate the other side of the isle. It’s not like there’s any lack of them, so it would be easy to write. 🙂

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