Just The Facts

The Federal Prosecutors fired in what has become one more stupid flap and scandal search were apparently guilty of “performance issues”. One of the Federal Prosecutors was in a place to investigate the irregularities surrounding the elections in Washington State in November 2004, where the Republican challenger Rossi won the first count of 3 million ballots by 261, and in subsequent counts won by 40 and then lost by 10 and then finally lost to Democrat incumbent Gregoire by 133 votes.

Immediately following these counts, missing ballots were found in warehouses, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) reportedly copied ballots and stuffed boxes, numerous voters were found to be registered at storage facilities and post offices. None of these are by themselves very disturbing relative to the whole issue, but taken together with with initial results and the changes in subsequent recounts and the eventual outcome, they create a definite case of voting irregularities which should, by any standard, be grounds for some sort of investigation.

John McKay, former US Attorney, would have been responsible for such an investigation. He apparently thought he had bigger fish to fry.

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