March Of The Braying Fools

Republican Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire joined the list of braying fools standing on the moral wrong and calling for the removal of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Whether we think that Gonzalez is good for the job or not, he has done nothing wrong.

Reported 03-09 in the San Francisco Chronicle

John McCain takes what I’m sure he believes is a ‘principled, moderate’ approach. He doesn’t think Gonzalez should be forced out, but that he should be given time to make his case. What case? What was done wrong? What is wrong with these people? McCain is pandering again, and he wants to win the election.

Reported on WOI-TV, Alton Iowa

Perhaps the best criticism I’ve heard of President Bush is that he works too hard to “reach out” to those who don’t agree with him. To an extent this is good to do, but to the detriment of his own party and beliefs and other supporters? We don’t want 4 more years of Bush even if it were possible, and McCain will be 4 more.

Slap The Braying Fools

Mike Gallagher, talk show host and columnist agrees with me.

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