Shame On The Braying Fools

The war is here, the lines are drawn, there are no innocents.

Why this furor over the firing of several federal prosecutors? There is no scandal, there is no wrong done, there is NO reason for any of this noise created by the braying fools wallowing in their moments before the media cyclops that has any merit.

The Democrat party, liberals, and malcontents alike are seeking only their own shameful self-promotion. Shameful for the malicious damage caused by lies and lying liars, false horror and fake outrage.

The facts are that all federal prosecutors, save one, were fired by President Clinton at the beginning of his term, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. The federal prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the president, and it is normal and regular for them to be replaced at the beginning of a new presidency. President Bush let all of them stay until recently, not to make him to be any more ‘merciful’ than President Clinton, he apparently just did not see any problem with their actions to this point.

Shame on you, you braying fools pandering to your power, selling your souls on the altar of 4 more years. Shame on you, you unwashed masses for listening and absorbing and believing and finding in yourself a manufactured outrage with no point or purpose. Shame on you, you knowing yet quiet people who know the truth and yet do not shout it out from the roof tops, engaging those huddled masses seeking a leader in these leaderless times, causing the truthful outrage to broil and grow until it blows away the braying fools who lead so much in Washington and control too much power.


4 thoughts on “Shame On The Braying Fools”

  1. Just watch…

    …just kidding. But seriously, this is me outraged. I’ve listened and read and felt internal temperatures rising. But I realized I wasn’t doing anything, anything to change or help or fix. But we all have a voice, and I have a blog, and you have comments, and we all together and collectively or apart have a greater voice.

    What is happening is morally wrong and evil, but for good people to do nothing and say nothing is also morally wrong and evil.

  2. Perhaps the saddest thing is when good people do nothing. Worse even than misguided people doing something.

    “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

  3. LOL, Matt, they have NO shame! They’d justify sacraficing our first borns for the good of the party.

    I really could care less about these folks, its typical of presidents to do this. The Dems. are grasping at air because they have nothing else on Bush. But their hate will continue and will get even more shrill before the end of the term. I think Bush should finish the mission in Iraq a month ahead of the Dem. dead line, to give them a big f*** YOU! And I’m sure the soldiers and famlies at home would like that.

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