Immigrants Illegal

Illegal FlagsFlags mean things, they symbolize ideas and ideals. We honor the American flag because it represents America as an ideal. It symbolizes not necessarily what is, but what ought to be. That is why we fly the flag high, fly it at the head of processions and parades, fly it at the head of military action. It symbolizes where we’re trying to go, where we want to be.

Immigrants to America, whether legal or illegal come to America for the reasons embodied by the flag. They are showing by their actions, the most potent argument possible, that they spurn their country of origin because of whatever reason they may have, and that they want to enjoy the freedoms available to people in America. This makes it a sad day when they try to bring their nation to America. Mexico is a poor nation at the mercy of a corrupt government which resists change for the better. So why do immigrants, as part of their protests about the issues surrounding illegal immigration, put the flag of Mexico above the American flag?

4 thoughts on “Immigrants Illegal”

  1. They’re just damn tools is what they are! These P.O.S. that insult America are just tools for cheap votes and cheap labor and that is the ONLY damn reason our pathetic government is granting passive amnesty to them all! It just sickens me to the core.

    Mexico is also an ugly, filthy, corrupt nation and thats WHY everyone from Mexico wants to come to America, otherwise for what reasons? Damn I better just chill because I’m going to have to get a drink after this. 🙂 . I have no problem with people coming to America but they better be legal and they better damn well be AMERICAN!

  2. Yeah, I know. But there are a few things that just hit the big RED button on me and one of them is illegal immgration and the impotent nature of our government to do anything about it. You know there are things which people are personally responsible for, much of the social ills of America but protecting the border is totally up to the federal government.

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