Education and Racism

It is a dangerous idea, that education eradicates racism. After all, Germany in the middle of the 20th century was the most uniformly highly educated society in history to that point and possibly still to this day. History itself shows the racism that still existed perhaps despite or perhaps because of that education. It is true that in our current American society, it would seem the last racists are those who scream loudest that racism still exists.

Is the relationship between education and racism correlation or causation? In other words, does the education cause less racism or do their paths merely correlate (follow the same apparent path), both being caused by some third or fourth causing principle? I would submit that mental and spiritual maturity is more likely to cause a lessening of racist attitudes. But we are assuming that the uneducated and illiterate are more racist, generally. And I would also submit that is a false assumption. True, uneducated and illiterate people are more likely to believe what educated people would say are obvious lies or falacies. But young children and mentally deficient people can the be least racist people around at times.

Education is generally good, that statement is true on its face. But consider the number of highly educated people who believe such absurdities as Socialism and Marxism, despite the preponderance of information regarding the evil nature of those ideologies. Or the extreme and inherent nature of racism in Darwinian evolution believed by so many in academia (blacks are less highly evolved relative to whites, according to Darwin, compare this to Farakan who believes whites are a failed genetic experiment). Or even the absurdity of human-caused global warming, which, especially recently, has been shown to be a farce with strong resistance from scientists, such as those who sued to have their names removed from endorsing the UN Report on Global Climate Change. It is not hard to see that among the ranks of the educated you find obstinance, arrogance, and small-mindedness in large numbers.

Idiots can be found at all strata, and you can’t find evidence that shows they’re more common lower down the education ladder.

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