Calling Names

Are leftists and other non-logical-ideology ascribing persons the only ones allowed to call names? Of course not. Sometimes, when the enemy or person on the other side of the debate or argument does not listen or respond to sense, the only thing to do is to make them ridiculous to others to combat the effectiveness of their message. One way of doing that is to call them names, using wit and irony to force the issue upon others. Ann Coulter has always been particularly good at finding labels which draw the ire of many people while smartly drawing out the argument and proving her point. Unfortunately many self-labeled conservatives and even fans of hers apparently have skins thinner than that of average teeth.

Fortunately there are some who agree with Ann and have cheered her on. My bully-pulpit only being so big, I’m happy to report that Mike Gallagher has publicly recorded his support of Ann and thrown the weight of his bully-pulpit behind her.

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