The Most Important Things

The most important things here on earth are relationships.

Humans are spiritual beings, they who say otherwise are denying their and our humanity and is like a man clinging to the mast of a sinking ship proclaims there is no sea and drowns anyways. A strong relationship between humans is a joining of their spirits and will be the only thing besides humankind itself that survives death. The relationship with God defines the humans purpose and place hereafter. The relationship with other humans defines the person, gives purpose and support to their life. The relationship with God also defines the purpose of the relationships in mortality.

Christianity is a religion of relationship. Relationship with God demands that we strive to build relationships with other humans and work to elongate those relationships so they last into eternity through a mutual relationship with God.

Todays culture seeks to destroy relationships, denigrate relationships, minimalize and trivialize relationships. Cheapen marriage, break family, tear at friendship, twist love, dismiss life.

What we will do for relationships and for those we have relationship with is a primary definer of our own identity. The measure of a man is his love. Who will you love and let love you? And what will you do for those you love?

“I said ‘Hey, You on the other side, let her go. Becase for her, for her I’d cross over, and then you’ll be sorry.'” ~ Hellboy

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  1. Looks like a good blog. I'll watch it over a few weeks and maybe link to it later.

    Wow, Homie Ray Ray commented on my blog, Suhweet!

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  2. We all should be VERY careful with that word ‘love’ these days, even Christian misuse the word. Always remember, “God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son,” unto death. Love is real and practical and is selfless unto God. Love is not as it has been redefined to be, self-love, or purely an emotion as the homosexual mafia would have you believe.

    Love is defined by God in Jesus Christ.

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