Liberals Value Freedom More… PSYCH!!!

Dennis Prager, radio talk show host and columnist, has this to say regarding the differences in the perspectives on liberty of liberals and conservatives:

Of all the myths that surround Left-Right differences, one of the greatest is that the Left values liberty more than the Right. Regarding a small handful of behaviors — abortion is the best example — this is true. But overwhelmingly, the further left one goes on the political spectrum, the greater the advocacy of more state control of people’s lives.

It is true, and the evidences are everywhere. Why there is not more acknowledgement of this fact is troubling and evidence of the “blinders” worn, willingly or unknowingly, by so many people.

5 thoughts on “Liberals Value Freedom More… PSYCH!!!”

  1. Not sure. I just wanted to point out that it’s much more complicated than you were making it seem, as we all have very different ideas about the meaning of freedom (and justice).

  2. Understood, but therein also lies the blade. Is there any way to write anything shorter than a full treatise or tome which will capture fully the plethora of sub-issues involved in any major issue. I recognize that is a danger of taking on large or fundamental issues: generalizations must occur, permutations must lie undiscovered or undiscussed.

    But that’s why I post this here instead of in my diary, so people like you can expand upon it through comments. Adding generally to all the readers knowledge. If you can, think of this and perhaps write an article regarding specifically the economic and moral stance which should identify you or your epitome of the proper body politic. I’d happily post it as a guest authored article.

  3. Victoria acts as if all is relative. ? . Well its not and either one is right or all is wrong. While I agree that both may hold their beliefs as a domatic thing, but there are rational arguments based on logic and history for Christianity and NOT brute force or emotions. Victoria also sounds as if conservativism and Christianity go hand ‘n hand, that is also not necessarily true. The founding fathers were prodominently Christian and also liberals, liberating from the totalitarian British government; while the British would’ve been conservative; thus the word is based on context. Christianity, on the other hand, has eternal meaning.

    I do believe I see what she’s trying to say though, that people can be very stubborn from both sides. As you said Matt, thats not a very good point. My question would be then, what are you if you’re not a liberal or conservative; I see you asked the same. 🙂

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