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I’m making some changes to how the site “works” over the next few days. If you visit and it’s totally broken, come back in a bit. Unfortunately with WordPress (the backend running this whole kit-kaboodle) there’s no way to edit stuff and do just a “test post” so I gotta do my editing on the “live site” which means you’ll probably find it all screwed up sometimes. But you’ll appreciate the work I’m putting into it because you’ll… well… you’ll like it.

I needed some way of posting longer articles while keeping the “whole article on the front page” idea (I really don’t like excerpt posting (just the first few lines show up on the front page) because none of the sites I like to read use that, it takes too many clicks to get what I want. Hopefully the edits I’m working on will make it easy to read longer articles without breaking the flow of the front page, and while I’m at it I’m applying similar changes to how the comments work.

And yes, I did make it unnecessary to log in to comment. There’s some basic comment spam protection right now, and if comment spam ever becomes a problem I’ll put more restrictive policies in place (that won’t happen for a while if at all). But if you want to comment, all we need is your name (and I think your email address, maybe…).

Anyway, allow me to say that I really appreciate y’all reading I, Pandora. If you find something you think I oughta post, just drop me a line, most of y’all have my email address already, I mean, the spammers have it, so you must too…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Site Stuff…”

  1. I guess I always did like the old site style more. Just small for the res. I’m running. Say is there anything that auto shapes to the size of the monitor/res. ?

  2. There are “liquid designs” look around on the wordpress skins site. The skin has to be widget friendly, and some skins show a db error on a portion of the side-bar. I prefer the two column designs as opposed to the 3 columns. You can also play around with customizing something, but there is no “test” option, the only way to see the theme on this site is to go live.

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