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  1. And what about all those Hummers, Limos, and other over-sized energy-sucking vehicles the rich and famous and *popular* people use to drive to the over-lit, over-spent Academy Awards ceremony. I’d begin thinking they actually take their own cause seriously when they have a completely “green” Academy Awards held outside, during the day so it’ll be bright, eating fruits and vegetables, and showing the highlights on an old B&W 13″ TV. Until then they obviously don’t take their own pet cause seriously, so why should I?

  2. Is global warming happening or isn’t it? Is it man-made or isn’t it? Do you have the courage of convictions to directly say “no” to any of these answers instead of slinging around accusations of hypocrisy? Can you just stand right there and give a straight answer without making it a character issue?

    And if your answers are yes, then why are you such a sheep that you can’t change anything unless Hollywood does it first?

  3. Yes, I believe that Global warming happens, no I don’t believe it is as catastrophic an occurrence as many make it out to be. I believe that the evidence available points to a cycle of warming and cooling which has been happening since the earth first turned on its axis. Warming occurs, carbon-dioxide levels rise (carbon dioxide is not harmful except when it completely replaced oxygen, at which point any gas in harmful), warmer temperatures mean longer growing season larger areas of green around the globe and longer seasons of green mean more CO2 is processed through photosynthesis, releasing carbon (the building block for all things organic) and oxygen (necessary for life). The cycle reverses, CO2 levels drop, temperatures lower, green areas shrink and growing season shortens, less CO2 is processed, it begins building up again.

    However, any statistician will tell you there is a big difference between causation and correlation. True, the levels of CO2 and the temperatures correlate, but even on Mr. Gores charts, the levels of CO2 lag just a tad behind the temperature, meaning the chance of CO2 levels CAUSING global warming is very slim, if any. In searching for other patterns which are more closely related with a greater chance of not just correlation, but causation, one finds solar activity. Solar activity seems to be more closely related to earth crust temperatures than even CO2 levels, with the lagging party being the earth temperature, meaning there is a greater likelihood of solar activity change causing global temperature change.

    I don’t follow Hollywood. Those who live there seem to be forever bringing only chances of levity to the general populace rather than causing any lasting change. One wonders though, it wasn’t that many years ago that the very same ideology which seems to be so very set on establishing the fact of global warming in its most terrifying and catastrophic form were only a few years ago claiming the eminent threat to us all was…. yup, GLOBAL COOLING!!!

    The Sky Is SOOOO Not Falling Today, I Only Just Had My Nails Done!

  4. Totally Matt,

    And to Chris, seriously? Al Gore IS a hypocrite! This isn’t slanderous, its the truth. And IF Al Gore wanted to be serious about this topic he’d accept several invitations for a debate. But as soon as he said, “The debate is over…” then obviously its more sure than Jesus Christ himself. He’s not taking it seriously, so I can’t take him seriously. To him its about the money and power via the sheeple who believe in his agenda. This is SO typical of these socialist types. They get shot down in one area as they’ve bled it to death, ie VP under Clinton, and then they find something else to bleed like a vampire until that fad is sucked dry and they’ll move onto something else.

    How ego-centric man has become to think he can control the environment. We can’t change the color of our skin, much less determine the day of our natural death. We can’t cause an earthquake or stop a volcano. So what makes you think man can cause global warming?

    The earth is NOT a closed system and there are several VERY important factors which contribute earth’s temperature. While I agree the earth is fragile, it is fragile in comparison to the solar system and NOT mankind. The earth’s orbit isn’t perfectly circular (thus ellipse) so the earth warms and cools by this. Secondly as the earth goes around the sun the side of the earth changes because of the tilt in the axis which causes changes in seasons. Thirdly the earth’s axis rotates slightly over thousands of years. Fourly the sun doesn’t have an even solar output. The sun has sun’s spots which are much hotter than normal and when the earth crosses by these obviously the earth will receive more radiant/heat energy. And when you add all of these together obviously the earth will warm and cool. And as Matt said the ecosystem WILL balance out.

    The sky is not falling. And the reason I scoff of these people is because they just will not listen to any rationale. And lastly what a double standard. The Christians in America and the conservatives are slurred and slandered ALL DAY LONG and then we want to say a little something and we’re being irrational, unfair, unloving, etc. NO, there’s no double standard here.

  5. Random comment received when telling a friend about this story: “What, is he staying up late each night still trying to count the Florida elections?”

    Clarifications: The total energy bill (combined gas and electric) for Al Gore’s house and guest house were $30,000 last year. The average American household uses just 10,656KWh per year. The research was apparently carried out by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (added link above directly to press release on the issue on that organizations website).

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