Score: Man 0, Jesus (Again)

Yesterday I read an article on the Google News Aggregator about how James Cameron, the director of the film “Titanic” was working on a documentary regarding a tomb in Jerusalem which some think contains the bodies of the famiy of Jesus, including Jesus himself. The article breathlessly crowed about this sensational find, leaving by the wayside several pertinent facts.

This morning, scanning the Google headlines again, I came across an article which loudly proclaimed the truth such as the paper yesterday decided to forgo. A headline does not get much more damning than this “Scholars Across The World Expose Jesus’ Tomb Hoaxumentary”. What was odd this morning was the number or articles rehashing the story from yesterday in breathless excitement and the few stalwarts which state the real facts and the point of this story being moot as of nearly 10 years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Score: Man 0, Jesus (Again)”

  1. Yeah I’ve been hearing about this also. What BS. *sigh*. Yet again another has-been wanting to stir the pot and make some more money. I mean honestly now. This tomb was discovered in 1980! some twenty seven years ago. I think if the people who discovered it thought it were really Jesus Christ they would’ve made money off of it a LONG time ago.

    Good links.

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