About Vista.

Hey Matt,

Considering that you are in the field of customer service and technical support with computers I was wondering how you’ve received Windows Vista. I’m sure you get a lot of questions on the topic with new computers and such and I guess I come somewhat as a customer as I just sold my desktop and purchased a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop with Vista Home Premium.

I’m going back to school, going to finish up some basic stuff at Sac City before I go to UC Davis in 2008 where I get a 66% discount. Aviation Science & Engineering is my field of choice. Hope to have my degree by 30. 🙂

Here’s the specs:

Intel C2D T5600 (2MB/1.82Ghz/667Mhz FSB)
15.4 Ultra Sharp TrueLife WXGA
2GB DDR2 667
ATI Mobile X1400 256MB (128 dedicated, I believe)
100GB, 7200RPM
Windows Vista Home Premium
84Whr, 9 cell, Lio-Battery
10/100 & Wireless
3Yr Warranty

Cost me $1540 after $560 of savings!

So what are you opinions and impressions of the OS?

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  1. Vista, yea. Well my experience with Vista has been limited, but I do have experience, so that puts me ahead of most, I guess, for a few more months. I ran vista on an AMD system running 1.8GHz with 512 RAM and an nVidia GeForce4 series basic graphics card. Overall, it ran well considering the specs were nowhere near the recommended. I did not run Aero (the pretty new face) because my card couldn’t handle it.

    I’ve not liked the Dell laptop designs for some time now but I won’t go any further with that.

    Vista is a new OS, duh. It introduces some new systems such as DirectX10 which all the gamers will want. Every review has noted that even with enormously powerful systems, there is still a noticeable lag in the system. This does not usually extend to games but a lag is lag and as a tech it becomes very annoying working with a system that lags and I’m sure if given a choice, the average user would choose less lag (this is why I’m praying there’s some better media player than iTunes out there, because while the interface is excellent with iTunes, it has lagged badly since version 6).

    I anticipate receiving my copy of Vista Utimate (the “all-the-bells-and-whistles” version) in the next few weeks, and I’ll probably begin upgrading my desktop system for it a month or so after that (once money starts coming in again). I am definitely going to run Vista, because I enjoy gaming. But for the last several months I’ve been running Ubuntu Linux on my laptop, and I’ve become quite fond of it for ease of use and flexibility and speed. I may even begin running a dual-boot desktop with Vista and some Linux distro, though historically I’ve not enjoyed dual-boot setups.

    I know that’s not much of a response, more of a disjointed series of thoughts, but that’s all I have on Vista right now. I’ll probably revisit this once I’ve been running it for a bit.

    All the best as you go back to school. Invite me to your graduation, if I’m not old and decrepit by then.

  2. 🙂

    I was just looking for your opinion. I could look anywhere online for the technical reports and such. But the online information doesn’t include customer service and such.

    I looked across all laptops from Acer, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Compaq, and other name brands. I’m not exactly fond of the proprietary nature of laptops so I wanted to get something good. My experience of Dell really is third person via Spencer who had nice Dell laptop from work. I also REALLY like the customizability of Dell laptops online, particularly the 9cell Ion which I couldn’t find anywhere else. Nor could I find the In-Home warrenty. And more importantly Dell had huge amounts of rebates. So I’ll tell you how my Dell experience goes.

    DX10 will be cool once games really play with it. I had the 8800GTS installed in my desktop and that baby is a BEAST. But Crysis nor any other games aren’t gonig to come over till Q3 and I have more important things now. I built my wife a computer, most of the parts from my last build so I’m installing a 7600GT passive cooling in hers so I can play games on higher settings than my laptop we need be. hehe.

    But hows the work going, you still doing the computer customer support stuff? I bet you like it a lot more out there to.

    Yeah I’ll invite you to my graducation, but by then you’ll probably (hopefully) be buying more than one ticket. 🙂 . Hows that going to? You ever going to come back to the West coast for a visit?

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