Travesty In America

I have recently made friends with a young Navy man. He’s based an hour away from where I’m at, and some mutual friends have been driving to pick him up on weekends so he can go off-base for his few days off. Recently he decided to attend church with us, and wore his uniform to the service. Our church is very military friendly, with several members and relatives and friends of the church family in the various branches. But while I was discussing the topics of going off-base, uniforms, and various and sundry other random topics which were relevant at that time and no longer.

My Navy friend, with a serious look on his face, told me his officers and other members of the military have told him it is unwise to wear ones uniform off-base into public places such as malls. He having personal experience, concurred that he no longer wears his uniform off-base except for special occasions. He says that when he goes to malls or other public areas he gets “looks” which are less than friendly or encouraging. He says that one particular jeweler at a local mall in his home town, while purporting to be friendly to military members due in part to its owner being ex-military, actually charges premiums to members of the military.

This is serious news. Ever since Vietnam, when the military were vilified and ostracized, called “baby killer” and worse. When the name of our boys were besmirtched by communist-sympathyzing elites with microphones and cameras to talk to. When the current generation of teachers and professors and academics of all flavors cut their teeth on lies and grew misshapen and twisted in a continual flood of hateful, vitriolic, and false attacks on the bedrock, the foundations of America and the world. We are in serious trouble. If we cannot put aside our differences and at least support our troops, no matter the cause of battle. If we cannot see a just battle and righteous war when it is looking us in the face. We are in serious trouble.

I genuinely fear for America. And as America reviles its own hope for defence of freedom, justice, and the American way, the real supermen and superwomen, we stand to lose so much more than our freedom. Man cannot take away our soul, but if we’ve already sold it…

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  1. In this post-modern time peace is at hand. If we’d only stop our imperialism, accept ALL beliefs as equal, remove our borders, share our wealth, remove the class systems, do what’s best for the community, accept the international laws and regulations, make better use of the UN. We could have peace with all people if we just took the time to talk with the people we scare and oppress. And I think our first move to give the world a sign is by removing our military from other countries and by disarming. All the other nations would see we’re willing.

    I’m absolutely sick of these spineless, depraved, stupid, if-it-feels-good-do-it, pacifists! They are such cowards and haters of life. They just DON’T get it! Their very opinion sits on the backs of the people (like our military) who allow them to have the freedom of the opinion which is why I am NOT for absolute freedom of speech. You don’t just run into a theater and yell, “FIRE!” And the same goes for these limp-noodles. “Down with America” phrases and burning of the flag should be against the law. I’m utterly offended when I see any other flags flying than the national and state flags. How DARE anyone fly a Mexican or Swedish flag along with the America flag as IF they are equals. *sigh*. This is America and we are Americans. No other generation in all of America history has done more damage to this country than those from 1950 to today. I’m not taking away from the hard work of the church in the areas of home-schooling and development of theology and providing many more answers to humanism but as a whole we’ve fallen off our rocker.

    This is why I am a separatist. When our soldiers in Iraq and arrested for doing their job which is WAR, places them in camp Pendleton and treats them as guilty until proven innocent and the GOP does not a damn thing America has a problem. When border patrol officers are arrested for shooting an illegal drug trafficker, and the illegal is let back in to witness against the officers and is caught a second time for drug trafficking, America has a problem. I dare say every institution which was created to protect America is slowly destroying America and the ONLY part that is providing the life are the people which also are slowly turning due to the 24/7 brain washing via public education and all media; there’s only a small fraction which is out to do good.

    If there is any hope for America, it will be found in reestablishing our founding roots. We must get back to being American and not internationalists. I agree with Michael savage, “Borders, Language, Culture.” The borders MUST be secured and protected. The English language is the ONLY official tongue of America. Our culture must get back to its Judeo-Christian roots.

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