Insidious Beasties

I’ve seen a preview or two for the movie The History Boys, and it almost looked OK. As in charming little ditty about boys and their teacher. Until I read this (you do have to scroll down a bit, there’s no direct link to that part of his article).

Please read this article and see how the truth is replaced with a lie. Be always on your guard, the enemy has been known to use the disguise of light, and apathy is his greatest weapon.

On a slight aside, I highly recommend Mr. Orson Scott Card and just about everything he’s written (which is a lot). He’s a conservative Democrat and a mormon, which makes him a moralist. I don’t agree with all his cultural philosophies, but he writes incredible stories (Ender’s Game) and his cultural essays, book and movie reviews, and general opinions are always well reasoned and well written.

4 thoughts on “Insidious Beasties”

  1. Sounds like what was done with “Davinci Code”.

    I am very relunctant to see any movie these days. I usually wait for reviews from Or from friends and such. Unless its a name I can know the outcome, honestly I’m not going to spend 9.75 and a peice of trash.

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