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I (Matt) have and will be extending author priviledges on this blog to others at various times. These other authors will be people whose ideas I might not necessarily agree with, but whose opinions I respect. So after you read and before you flame, check the name. First off I’d like to welcome JPennStar, a good personal friend and fellow, if slightly more disillusioned with the current system, conservative. He will be posting whenever he has something to write about and the time (and inclination) to write it. So please, when his first post comes out, be sure to give it a good read and do not hesitate to comment.

I am looking for a good way to add the authors name to each post. I believe the latest update of WordPress (the software that runs this site) removed the author tag. Hopefully this label will be returning to I, Pandora shortly.

By the way, I want this blog to be as easily accessible as possible. If there are any additional functions you’d like to see added, whether you know of plugins or add-ons that add those functions, let me know by commenting on this article. I’ll read the suggestions and search for the best way to apply them. I’m still finding the right collection of tools that will make it convenient to read, comment, and generally access and any help from your end is greatly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Other Authors Onboard”

  1. “…a good personal friend and fellow, if slightly more disillusioned with the current system, conservative.”

    And you mean what by this?

    :S ?

  2. I was referring to your proposals to start a third party, your opinions regarding the state of decay in the leadership of the US. I believe that the best change can be wrought from within “the system” while you believe the best change can be wrought by introducing new aspects to “the system”, speaking politically and socially.

    Don’t worry, I really do consider you a good personal friend, and I look forward to reading your articles.

  3. I will call you a puritan, and I will call myself a separatists. 😀 ! And I think the seperatists won. Sorry but were still no Hannidy and Colmes.

    I use to do pure Republicanism via Rush and Hannidy. I mean for all of 2004 that is all I listened to and read. But I can’t listen to it anymore in the regard that all I hear is Liberals/Dems bad, Republicans good. While Dems are the modern day communists, I can’t but chastize the Reps. also. And I don’t see much hope for change. Nevertheless, start a new post and how you think we could change it all from the inside.

    But still, hmmm, I think Matt we are addressing the tail of the dog and thinking that the tail wags the dog. We both know it the populous which honestly runs the political system. And in the regard I digress and say that the churchs of America need to step up and be forthcoming with Christianity. If the politicians see a change, then that is what they will put on.
    I’m sure we can agree on this.

  4. Therein we find our common ground. The church remains the most potentially effective “grassroots” political/social/cultural force. Potentially because it has fallen out of practice of late.

  5. OH NO, another theonomist! You want a theocracy don’t you! lol.

    Now that would be a good post. That is the grassroots cause.

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