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Henceforth (this falls in the category of unlikely to succeed self-controls), I shall try and refer to the the varying political strategies and philosophies which have hitherto been described using the terms Democrat and Republican as Left and Right or Liberal and Conservative, to differentiate between those of the various parties which might or might not be better labeled by the other parties’ terminology.

So on the blog this article was posted regarding the philosophy of the Left on Iraq. Humorous, a bit tongue in cheek, but accurate and enlightening at the same time.

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  1. Basically I agree, just light hearted but about right…

    Though I don’t really care for how out politicians have managed the war, mostly because of being PC and spineless in the face of people who want to kill us and did on 9/11, I still am thankful something was done.

    America isn’t perfect and never will be. No nation or people in ALL of history was perfect, so I look at nations and people as a matter of percentages of ideal; and currently America wins hands down.

    I’ve been watching vides and interviews of Imams and they are very revealing of the extremeists attitude, which is basically, “You vs. Us”. To them it is VERY black and white, “Islam vs. the unbelieving world (reglardless of nation, religion, philosophy, skin type or sex). They will kill you or convert you. For example, an Imam in the UK silently condoned the bus bombing. The host asked how he felt as a citizen about the situtation and the Imam replied, “I am a muslim first and formost, NOT a citizen of the UK.” I can understand that as I’m a Christian before an America, but as a Christian I will abide by the laws of the land and not blow people up to move my agenda.

    In regard to the war. I don’t think its going to come out the way we all wanted it to, but it will be better than Saddam Hussein. I believe we could’ve done A LOT better if the defeatest spineless liberal politicians and Americans just stood behind the president in a structured manner; not carrying his water, but providing better opitions than loss! The Dems entire agenda is now completely dependent on defeat and that is why its heads and media are always broadcasting defeat. Its sickens me that they call themselves patriots, I’m sorry but that credit card is way over charged now!

    This is a war of ideologies, NOT nations. This is strict Islam vs. “the west” (fundamentally Christian influenced). This “war” will not be won in two years or ten years. Its going to take several generations and a reformation within Islam, that they can’t just go around the world putting people in fear for power; some good it has done them for the last 1400 years! Not until America realizes the enemy will we really begin to win as a people.

    Another site I just found was, “”

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  3. I fixed it so you can edit. I need to find a better user management plugin because you can edit anything, including posts you’ve not authored. So be careful because you can delete stuff that you didn’t write.

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