Obasms, Here We Go Again

The media has their darling, and Ms (what is her relational state anyway?) Clinton has her work cut out for her.

My big problem with Obama? Who is he? He showed up to fanfare a few years ago when he ran for Senate in my (now) state of Illinois. Then he kept his head low and did… oh wait, just got the official paper in… NOTHING! He’s like some child actor who hasn’t really done anything except look cute and sound (halfway-, semi-, kinda-sorta-, not really-) convincing on screen, now everybody loves him and his every move is so full of “command and portent” (not actual quotes, but if any report knew what “portent” meant, they’d be using it a lot more often to refer to him) it makes me wanna puke.

So all we need over on the other side of the isle is someone with actual real command (who needs portent anyway, America has traditionally shunned and denied portent (except with Kennedy and all his family)). Anybody out there…? Hmmm?

3 thoughts on “Obasms, Here We Go Again”

  1. It’ll be definetly interesting 2008. Both parties have just about equals in nothing. Dems have Hillary who’s going to have to work on making her foundation, wihch is what screwed Kerry and other Dems. And Obama is just going to have to get himself known out there, but still Dems have both minorities here running, a woman and a black man with a history in Islam. I’d think the radicals would like to have either of them.

    You know considering that America likes to poke it’s nose into just about everything, I think the UN should pass a law that which ever nation/state the US is currently in the populous should have a vote in US issues and elections. Hey why not? *sarcasim*

    Something else I’ve been thinking about is we need to get away from this third party fear, because honestly the Reps and the Dems love to keep us sheeple there. “Don’t vote for them, you’re wasting your vote.” So then you must say when do I vote for what is RIGHT verses voting for the lesser of two evils? I really wish there was a third party option. I’m tired of these shades of conservatism, I want a real conservative…. A real American!

  2. I don’t believe it’s an issue of third party fear, I believe it’s an issue of knowledge and an application of the idea of tipping point. The number needed to make any third party worth anything, in other words, the point at which a third party vote actually means something, is very very far off. Instead we have two parties, which in theory and policy are very different, only in practice do we find weak humanity working against the polarity, bringing the human figureheads frighteningly close. Instead of the effort needed to make a viable third party, that effort would be more effectively used bringing one or both of the parties back to their traditional roots. There was a time when I might’ve voted Democrat. And there can be a time when I might feel good voting Republican again.

    Oh, and Josh, have A spell-check your posts, I know you’re much smarter than you come across when you misspell sarcasm. And you know I’ve given your account writer privileges, use them, then we can get a real good spar going.

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