…And Then There Were Three

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I don’t believe it’s an issue of third party fear, I believe it’s an issue of knowledge and an application of the idea of tipping point. The number needed to make any third party worth anything, in other words, the point at which a third party vote actually means something, is very very far off. Instead we have two parties, which in theory and policy are very different, only in practice do we find weak humanity working against the polarity, bringing the human figureheads frighteningly close. Instead of the effort needed to make a viable third party, that effort would be more effectively used bringing one or both of the parties back to their traditional roots. There was a time when I might’ve voted Democrat. And there can be a time when I might feel good voting Republican again.

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  1. Matthew,

    The point is there’s not reason for either party to get back to their traditional roots. Considering that when only two companies have the market and we call it a monopoly (effectively), yet its okay when its in politics? Over the past decades Reps. have been moving toward modern liberalism and the Dems. have been moving toward modern communism and there’s honestly no reason for them to go backward.

    The only thing you can rely on is the fact that man is selfish and should make a lot of sense considering that our economic system is capitalism. So I think having a third party would make the other two think differently.

    As for the “fear” part, I see it all the time at work with the fellas who talk about voting for the next president. I say we should have a third party and they immediately respond, that’d be a waste.

    As for my typing… I will spell check when I do posts and clips of my writings naturally. But this is purely a comment. And also for “sparing”, LOL, we’re preaching to the chior dude.

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