Rights On The Runway

Beleagured air passengers want new laws, San Francisco Chronicle, 02/16/07

I sincerely doubt that the airlines, when faced with a nasty weather problem, maliciously push loaded airplanes away from the gate, knowing they will be unable to lift off in the inclement weather, and purposefully leave them stranded on the tarmac for many hours. Businesses cannot operate, with any long-term hope of success, in a manner which dissatisfies their customers.

Jet Blue, the latest airline to have this unfortunate situation happen to their airplanes in New York, has said they’ll refund the tickets and give a round-trip ticket to all passengers on airplanes left for more than three hours on the tarmac. This is a just and fair compensation. The company, of it’s own volition returned the money taken for services it was unable to render, and attempted to make up for the loss of time to the passengers by giving what it can. Bringing more government intrusion into business management brings relief to no one. Think of the debacles surrounding the hurricanes in New Orleans, and any of a plethora of true large-scale emergencies which the government has responded to and you will find the government meddling often causes more harm than good.

Once again we like to find some percieved inequity, slight, or real wrong, make a right of its abolishment, and bring the government in to play Don Quixote.

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