Imagio Deo Vs. Imagio Goo

The famous Scopes “Monkey” Trial of the last century has repercussions extending into nearly every facet of modern existence and western culture and society. We like to think that evolution has it’s effect on the culture primarily in the realm of science and discovery. It’s easy and convenient and doesn’t make a mess when we relegate, seperate, compartmentalize, and minimalize the effects of any philosophy. But just as God makes demands touching every aspect of our lives, the religion of Humanism has impact and purpose far beyond the sterile walls of the laboratory.

In a recent post I mentioned Abraham Maslow and his most well known addition to human psychology, the Hierarchy of Needs, which is a supposed process through which humans can achieve self-fulfillment, satisfaction, or purpose and meaning in their lives. The hierarchy peaks with a state called, famously, “Self-actualization.” Self-actualization is that point at which the base or primative human needs, like bread and water, security, friendship and the like are fully satisfied and we are freed to fill more enlightened needs such as morality, creativity, spontaneity, and the like. The path to self-actualization lies through our freeing ourselves from the burdens of prejudice and guilt and being who we are truly meant to be.

Self-actualization is the result of the application of the evolutionary postulate of all things tending towards order from chaos, which of course flies in the face of the proven Third Law of Thermodynamics, the law of entropy, of a closed system changing from order to chaos, from creation to decay with a measureable ultimate result of zero. Maslow believed that the young human child is the perfect example of a self-actualized being. He said that “as far as I know, we just don’t have any intrinsic instincts for evil in human nature.” So by following our truest, deepest desires we will achieve that nirvana of humanism, self-actualization (I dunno ’bout’chu, but I still think Heaven sounds loads better than nirvana or whatcheveryacallit they say’s we gonna get). Now look at a baby, selfishly hoarding toys that it won’t even play with. A baby crying and screaming in wholy unrighteous indignation because it’s slightest whim lay unfulfilled. I can think of something beside self-actualization which might better describe their mental and emotional state.

But the real meat of the issue, the point I really want to make here is in response to an article I wrote even earlier, one of the founding articles of this blog. In November I wrote an article in which I explored one of the reasons I thought homosexuals reacted to Christians with such anger, hatred, and vehemence. I now have another reason, a more fundamental reason, and one which carries with it a greater responsibility for the Christian, and a greater condemnation for the sinner.

Because we as Christians stand in the way of humanistic self-actualization with our belief in a righteous God and a fallen, sinful and reprobate man, we are the enemy to those who seek to
“be themselves” with the intent of self-actualizing. All hate and anger from those chasing self-actualization directed at us should be because of our standing in the truth.

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