Conspiracies Abound

In recent comments on this blog there have been several popular, oft-repeated conspiracy theories presented. That of the Illuminati or ancient global ruling class, which rumor has been around since time immemorial, and that greed for oil took us into Iraq both now and in 1992.

I make no claim to special knowledge in either case, I will only state what I believe regarding theories such as these: If it were true, why isn’t it common knowledge? “Well, duh, because the government has covered it up, how dense can you get?” Consider this: is the government capable of keeping anything secret? A friend recently told me the only way to keep a secret is to make sure only three people in total know it, and make sure the other two people are dead. Especially now in the internet era, if anybody knows anything, the likelihood of that fact remaining a secret is very near nil.

Consider the case of the Bush family seeking oil in Iraq. There are many people, obvious to all of us, who would benefit from making that ‘secret’ public. All their political opponents, the various regimes in the Middle East such as Iran, all members of OPEC, the predominantly liberal main-stream media, the list continues. Frankly, I believe this theory is one of the more obviously wrong on it’s face of current conspiracies. And then consider the current progress Mr. Bush (“W”) is championing with an independent government in Iraq making decisions the US doesn’t fully support but is agreeing with because they show the country is definitely making strides towards self-government and true independence. There’s little concievable chance of an independent Iraqi government relinquinshing control of it’s most precious asset, it’s only real income source.

And then there’s the Illuminati. Yea… well… If you believe that there’s a group that WANTS to rule the world, I could agree with you there. But one that actually has any real control? Call Michael Medved when he has his conspiracy theory days on the day of the full moon every lunar month. He’ll have the patience to deal with it.

You can still post any lunacy you like really, as I don’t believe in deleting comments except in cases of serious ugliness, defined as:

  • More than half the words misspelled, badly.
  • Large numbers of links to sites of questionable content (porn).
  • No cohesive argument whatsoever (carefull polyproff, that first one almost made it, try to seperate your different arguments into different paragraphs, like my teachers told me to do)
  • If the post seemed to be lifted verbatim from some publication without any reference or attribution.
  • If I’m really really mad at you (trust me, this is very hard to achieve).

So really, all that above was just my opinion (which, amazingly, I think is right) and doesn’t really carry any real weight of looming tribulation on violators.

2 thoughts on “Conspiracies Abound”

  1. Hello again my naive young friend. So I see you did not heed my advice and get some substantial evidence to back your claims. Nobody will take you seriously unless you establish yourself as somebody who knows what they are talking about. So far all I have heard is that God has revealed some things to you, well god revealed some things to Joseph Smith too, the founder of the Mormon faith, but that doesn’t mean that the Mormons are right. Come on man give me some evidence and stop with the speculation and your own theories. You know nothing of the American Government, furthermore, you are wrong about keeping a secret, to keep a really good secret that lots of people already know about, you flood the media with claims of the secret you are trying to keep, this way nobody will believe it. If the secret is everywhere everybody will get tired of it and nobody will take it seriously for long. I do however agree with you about the Illuminati, they tried but never came close, however you are guilty of doing the same thing that you, just three postings back condemned. When you said Method Wrong Answer correct = Bad Science. Your answer to the Illuminati is correct but you show no evidence of why it is correct, please do research. If any of these postings were handed in as papers in my Political Science class they would all receive D’s because of lack of evidence to back up, in my opinion, outrageous claims. However, even a paper with an outrageous claim can receive an A grade with a little research and siting. I know you want to look smart and I am sure that you must be very bright to be interested in such deep and complicated issues, but you show your stupidity so well. I am pushing you to go beyond your same old postings and bring me a challenge, in other words even if you are right, you do not back up your arguments, so by default I win, bring some evidence to the table and lets SPAR.

    I will from time to time post comments on your blog, but I do not have the time for regular correspondence, that said please keep writing, your blog is good cool-down literature after a long day of politics.

  2. “I make no claim to special knowledge in either case, I will only state what I believe regarding theories such as these…”

    He never claimed he had special knowledge, he was MERELY stating what he believes; in a blog of all things. Futhermore, with how much people hate Bush and everything that he stands for, I hardly belive the Dems or the attack dogs the media outlets would wait when the smelled blood.

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