Unplanned Outages Occuring

I’m sorry for not posting in the last few days. I just moved to Chicago and found the place I’m staying initially does not have internet at this time. I’m gonna make some time to get to Panera and post some more in the next few days. If you want to be notified by email when a new article is posted you can subscribe here.

While you’re waiting though, if you want to read a good series of articles presenting an unpopular view on a hot-button issue, the National Post of Canada has published a series of articles on Global Warming taking a view that I’ve agreed with for a long time and yet does not enjoy wide support in the media and global leadership. Dr. Edward Wegman, whose work is reviewed in the first article sums up his disagreements with the establishment in this statement: “I am baffled by the claim that the incorrect method doesn’t matter because the answer is correct anyway. Method Wrong + Answer Correct = Bad Science.”

You can find the series of ten articles published at the National Post website Canada.com. I’ve listed the linked titles in order here:

The Deniers

  1. Statistics Needed
  2. Warming Is Real – And Has Benefits
  3. The Hurricane Expert Who Stood Up To UN Junk Science
  4. Polar Scientists On Thin Ice
  5. The Original Denier: Into The Cold
  6. The Sun Moves Climate Change
  7. Will The Sun Cool Us?
  8. The Limits Of Predictability
  9. Look To Mars For The Truth On Global Warming
  10. Limited Role For CO2

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