About Vista.

Hey Matt,

Considering that you are in the field of customer service and technical support with computers I was wondering how you’ve received Windows Vista. I’m sure you get a lot of questions on the topic with new computers and such and I guess I come somewhat as a customer as I just sold my desktop and purchased a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop with Vista Home Premium.

I’m going back to school, going to finish up some basic stuff at Sac City before I go to UC Davis in 2008 where I get a 66% discount. Aviation Science & Engineering is my field of choice. Hope to have my degree by 30. 🙂

Here’s the specs:

Intel C2D T5600 (2MB/1.82Ghz/667Mhz FSB)
15.4 Ultra Sharp TrueLife WXGA
2GB DDR2 667
ATI Mobile X1400 256MB (128 dedicated, I believe)
100GB, 7200RPM
Windows Vista Home Premium
84Whr, 9 cell, Lio-Battery
10/100 & Wireless
3Yr Warranty

Cost me $1540 after $560 of savings!

So what are you opinions and impressions of the OS?

Score: Man 0, Jesus (Again)

Yesterday I read an article on the Google News Aggregator about how James Cameron, the director of the film “Titanic” was working on a documentary regarding a tomb in Jerusalem which some think contains the bodies of the famiy of Jesus, including Jesus himself. The article breathlessly crowed about this sensational find, leaving by the wayside several pertinent facts.

This morning, scanning the Google headlines again, I came across an article which loudly proclaimed the truth such as the paper yesterday decided to forgo. A headline does not get much more damning than this “Scholars Across The World Expose Jesus’ Tomb Hoaxumentary”. What was odd this morning was the number or articles rehashing the story from yesterday in breathless excitement and the few stalwarts which state the real facts and the point of this story being moot as of nearly 10 years ago.

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Wireless Users More Involved

The BBC reported today on a study done by the Pew Internet and American Life Project which finds that people who use wireless internet access are more involved in the internet than those who do not. I’d like to know who thought it might’ve been any different.

Think with me. User one has a desktop sitting in the corner of their bedroom with internet access, he’s busily wasting precious time waiting for myspace to load and error and his wife calls for dinner. He must leave his computer or risk being inserted bodily into the cyber world of myspace by way of a hole in his monitor made by his head following a massive shock from the rear of the head courtesy of said wife waiting with dinner. Now see user two, with his laptop and wireless internet access conveniently available from a neighbor with an IQ less than pi, who despite all the warning and handy setup options from his wireless setup wizard, did not set up any security. His wife calls for dinner as he savily updates his Facebook profile. He brings his laptop with him to the table and he and his wife, both on their respective laptops, proceed to have a quiet candle-lit dinner, exchanging sweet nothings using over Google-talk via the Jabber protocol on the Meebo.com website.

Seriously, who thought it could be any other way. Geeks rule.

Bridge To Terabithia

I will say nothing of the plot to save from spoilers, except to say that the story of the movie has little indeed to do with the content or supposed storyline portrayed by the trailers. But Bridge To Terabithia made me shiver with excitement, nearly cry with pathos, and feel very good at the end. Yes, it almost made me cry. I highly recommend for anyone 8 and over. Younger children will not understand. Adults will enjoy it by themselves as much as with kids. See it.